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Posted by obscurum | 11 Sep 2004, 7:50pm

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"The Harbor Authorities of New York and New Jersey were the owners of the WTC. The two towers, 412 meters high, were completed in 1972 and the costs then amounted to 37 million Dollars. ... Since then the towers have become a desirable address for corporate businesses. From the completion of the buildings the entire office space had always been rented and the rents produced a great return for the owners. ... 430 companies from all over the world rented app. 3.3 million square feet office space in the WTC. More than 40,000 people were employed in the towers." --Die Welt, Berlin, Sep 11, 2001

Three months prior to the destruction of both towers the owners of the WTC leased the buildings, for incomprehensible reasons, to the Jewish real estate tycoon Larry Silverstein. Since then "Silverstein Properties Inc." took in the rent from the 430 tenants and other source income (i.e. tourist admission fees).

Silverstein in return paid a leasing fee to the owners: "Only three months before the attack Silverstein signed a rental contract for the WTC. Silverstein agreed to pay over 99 years a total of 3,2 billion Dollars in leasing installments to the Port Authorities: 616 million as an initial payment and then annually 115 million Dollars. The Port Authorities remained the owners of the WTC."

Then the catastrophe came upon New York. On September 11, only three months after signing the lease between Silverstein and the Port Authorities, two large passenger jets crashed into the towers. Larry was lucky, that he was not responsible for liabilities towards the Port Authorities, since the disaster was an act of God.

Quite the contrary happened. Larry Silverstein, despite not being the owner of the buildings, was the sole beneficiary of the insurance indemnity payments of more than 7 billion Dollars. Good for Larry that he had not forgotten to increase the insurance policies, just in time, when he signed the lease three months before the catastrophe happened: "Larry Silverstein, since July landlord of the towers, demands from the insurers 7,2 billion Dollars compensation, his speaker, Steve Solomon, said. ... The Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey, owners of the WTC, agree with Silverstein's demand." --Die Welt, Berlin, Oct 10, 2001.

The Port Authorities believe that Silverstein should get the 7,2 billion Dollar compensation instead of them, despite the fact that, as the lawful owners, should be indemified. Larry, born under a lucky star.

The following insurance companies are liable to Silverstein's compensation demand: "Chubb Corp., Swiss Reinsurance Co., Lloyd's of London, German Alliance Corp., ACE Ltd and XL Capital Ltd."

Wonderful people like Larry Silverstein have many wonderful friends. With the help of New York's Jewish mayor, Michael Bloomberg, Silverstein found new investors, who are prepared to provide the money to build a new WTC. Larry can therefore keep the 7 billion Dollars from the underwriters and put it into a saving account: "Within the next five years a new WTC could be erected on 'Ground Zero', Silverstein said after a meeting with the designated New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg."

Who would be surprised if Larry's good-heartedness commanded him to donate a significant part of the insurance compensation to a needy Israel?

The Harbor Authorities obliviously sail on the same good Samaritan wave, for they do not even want these vast pay-outs.

Thus, God once more helped out his chosen people financially. The insurance companies, liable for the compensation to Larry, are to a great extent re-insured by "Munich Reinsurance Corp".

What a blessing for the Germans, they are happily committed once again to contributing financial good-turns to God's own people. In order to arrange even more help, Saudi Arabia is now considered a major source of future contribution: "Saudi Arabia as America's enemy, 'the core of evil' ... We Americans will annex your oil fields and your assets in America. ... The U.S. pushes Royal Saudi Arabia, just like Iraq, Iran, Sudan and Libya into an open membership club, called the 'axis-powers of evil'.

Whenever so many wonderful people of the Jewish faith come together and celebrate their deserved fortune, Daniel Liebeskind must never be missed out. This wonderful architect has been chosen to build Larry Silverstein's new WTC: "The architect who designed the Jewish Museum Berlin shall build the new WTC: The blueprint 'gardens of the world', by star-architect Daniel Liebeskind, was chosen to be the plan to build again on Ground Zero, the NYT and NY1-Television reported Thursday.

However, there were others who had the same Larry-like unmistakable instinct. Three days before September 11, some followed their instincts and began betting on falling shares of those airlines, involved in the 911 hijacking: "Trading with Sales-Options for United Airlines and American Airlines multiplied in the last three days before the attack. 


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